Anyone interested in volunteering should submit a volunteer application to PASART – the address you provide will determine which CART receives your application for CART participation.   For consideration of volunteering or donating please click PASART Brochure to view or download the PDF.

Please read the information regarding our volunteer program and note that some mandatory and specialized training courses are required to become a PASART volunteer.  If interested in being a part of PASART please click Volunteer applications to complete and submitted on-line. 

Please consider this information to determine your areas of interest and offerings prior submitting your application.

Required Training

Online Training

IS-100 Introduction to Incident Command System
Can be taken on line at the Emergency Management Institute of FEMA


IS-700 Introduction to National Incident Management System (NIMS)
Can be taken online at the Emergency Management Institute of FEMA


IS-5.a Introduction to Hazardous Materials
Can be taken on line at the Emergency Management Institute of FEMA


Animal Sheltering Training equivalent to 16 hours of classroom/field training


SART Orientation

This required training is given by SART coordinator (Joel Hersh) or a qualified CART coordinator.

The PASART Orientation traces the beginning of the program while providing a succinct description of program mission, goals, and objectives. It also describes training required of volunteers while also providing a framework for response activities.

Training session is 1-2 hours.