About Bucks County Animal Response Team

BCART is a 501(c)(3) entity governed under the Pennsylvania State Animal Response TEAM – PASART; a state-wide organization overseeing animal response teams organized at county levels.  Please click to view or download the PASART Brochure 

Our mission is to educate the public about preparing for disaster situations with respect to animals.   Please click to view the PASART Objectives 

Disaster situations BCART woud respond to under the guidance and approved trainings of PASART and FEMA, range from floods, hurricanes & blizzards, fires, power outages and other types of displacements through and including any animal related bio-terroristic events.  In disasters, the American Red Cross relief shelters cannot take animals (as was horrifically noted in media coverage from New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina).  Please click here to download and view the brief PASART overview video. 

In Pennsylvania, County Animal Response Teams (CARTs) are now available to set up relief shelters for animals in close proximity to Red Cross overnight relief shelter locations to aid in the sheltering, care and assistance of animals displaced with their humans for the duration of the emergency situation relief efforts. CART volunteers come from all walks of life and county teams work with local veterinarians, law enforcement and emergency management on behalf of animal safety and assistance during crises.